The King’s Pleasure by Kitty Thomas

The King’s Pleasure by Kitty Thomas

2 our of 5 stars

13257661 I picked this book up either free or for .99 on Kindle. I have seen a lot of people singing praises of Kitty Thomas and decided to find something that grabbed my interested. I choose this book because of the cover, assuming that this ‘king’ and the time period had to do with ancient Greek times, because of the name of the fictional kingdom.

I am sad to say that I am a little disappointed at this book, and am skeptical to buy anymore from this author. One reason, I don’t really like a confusing read. It is hard to understand the fictional kingdom in this book, they seem to live as in medieval times, but they have electricity and running water?  So we have this fictional kingdom with this hodgepodge of different time periods mixed up. And to boot they have very lax feelings on sex, and almost no morals in that sense.

Abigail is a poor half gypsy girl (gypsies hate the kingdom, the kingdom hates them, if the two mix then they’re just SOL cause they piss everyone off) who is caught stealing bread from the castle to feed her starving family. Smart right? A guard catches her and prepares to cut her hand off, the ruckus wakes the king up and he discovers the scene in his halls. This is where it seems it will turn out pretty good,  Abriggal gets to live out any girls fantasy. The guard is sent away to be punished because the king, Niall feels that this young girl wouldn’t have been stealing bread if the money he had ordered be given to the poor reached the proper place. However, Abrigal cannot be set free and make the king look weak. This is where he informs her that she will be his slave, the first in his harem.

Now it takes a turn for the weird.. or not if this is your thing. Niall teaches Abigail the ways of his kingdom, and how they do things. She is displayed and used while diplayed, sometimes shared with others. She endures many things to please her new master, so it is disappointing when the book quickly turns dark. A jealous woman that wanted to be in his harem tells a rumor that this was a set up and Abrigial is using him. He takes the word of this random woman and then whips the poor girl and throws her in the dungeon because she will not admit to something she did not do.

He then feels sorry for his actions and eventually pulls her out and they live HEA I guess. But really, there is nothing loving or romantic about this. It’s like a dark mind game story with some crazy sex thrown in.  I personally found some actions in this book disturbing, and will not be reading it again.


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